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Past Events:

I’ve been springing into action, with this new season. I have many exciting things happening and my top three I’d like to share with you.

Starting in April I will have many of my larger paintings at McElheran’s Furniture + Design. On the evening of April 11th I will live painting at McElheran’s Spring opening event, I hope you come down to check it out.

On May 24th, the painting in the above picture titled ‘Let it Roll In’ will be auctioned off at the Art on the Block Gala and Fundraiser at the Art Gallery of Alberta, I will be in attendance there. I hope you can make it and collect art and nerd out about art with me.

Lastly I have been working on creating online painting and drawing demo and instructional videos, stay tuned as I’ll be sending out information about where you can find this soon. I’m doing this to help provide accessible and and affordable way to study painting and drawing with me, or if you just love watching the creative process. It will also provide a greater way for people interested in my work and for students to interact with me.

Now on with the Classes!

Westview Continuing Care Artist Residency Project

Wednesdays starting Sept.13th 10am-12:00pm

I am working on a self directed artist residency at the Westview Hospital’s Continuing Care department. On Wednesdays in the entrance lobby I can be found painting portraits of the residents at the hospital while having an easel and acrylic paints next to me for residents, staff, family, and friends to contribute to a communal painting with my guidance. This is to provide the community of the Continuing Care residents with one on one art instruction but so much more has come out of this simple plan. You are welcome to visit me or ask me more questions about this project. I am currently looking for and applying for funding to cover the costs of materials and my time.

Come visit me on Wednesdays at Westview Health Centre Continuing Care (the Stony Plain Hospital) you can email me for more information info@daphnecote.com

 Pencil Portraiture
4 Thursdays 6-8:30pm September 7, 14, 21 & 28 $160
(There are pro-rated spots available for late registrants)
Create a collection of techniques and lessons on portrait drawing all in one sketchbook. Keeping a sketchbook of ideas and studies is a great practice to improve on your skills and a fantastic way to collect ideas. We will be covering anatomy of the head and shoulders, how to create likeness and expression, techniques in shading, as well as studying hair and fabric. We will be doing quick sketches and longer in-depth drawing. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist your practice will improve with this class series.
Classes are being held @ Artelier Classes & Studio, 10007- 80Ave, (780) 432-0240

Beyond the Pencil: Life Drawing with Charcoal & Conte
4 Thursdays 6-9pm October 5, 12, 19 & 26   $180
This is an ideal class to begin your figure drawing studies or to deepen your understanding and increase your ability to depict the human figure! In this class we will be studying the human form from life using charcoal and Conté. Depending on students’ needs we will be covering anatomy, light and shadow, warm and cool tones, texture, creating mood, likeness, and energy in our drawings. We will be working from quick studies to more completed drawings. If you have drawn only in pencil, this is an excellent introduction to other drawing materials and their uses. Make your figure drawings come alive with these traditional materials, used to create strong or delicate lines, subtle or dramatic shading, and expressive portrayals.
Classes are being held @ Artelier Classes & Studio, 10007-80Ave, (780) 432-0240

Beginners Sketchbook Drawing Intensive
2 Sundays 10-3pm October 22 & 29 
This two day workshop is packed full of drawing exercises designed to help you to see and learn valuable techniques for drawing the world around you. You will explore, line, light and shadow, perspective, texture, and composition while drawing a variety of subjects. The aim of this workshop is to improve your drawing skills so you can draw anything.
Classes are being held @ Spruce Grove Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, 35-5th Ave, Spruce Grove, (780) 962-0664

Paint-Spot-Six-Mural_inprogress-2-148x148Want to paint fabric, patterns, or clothing like a pro? This two-day class will be full of tips and techniques on how to capture the looks of various fabrics and costumes to help you create fabric that is an interesting and expressive aspect of your compositions. This class is great for artists who represent fabric in their paintings such as still lifes, figurative painting, and abstract painting. We will learn about colour, reflective light and cast shadows in fabric, how to vary brushstrokes, how to create the illusion of textures (soft, furry, shiny, lacy, sheer, etc.), geometric and patterned fabrics.

Saturday & Sunday, August 26 & 27     10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
The Paint Spot: 10032-81 Avenue phone# 780-423-0240

Allied Arts Council instructor's Show Feb21_Mar17_2017Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove Presents: Allied Arts Council Instructors Show

Exibition at the Spruce Grove Art Gallery: February 21 – March 17, 2017. 35-5th Avenue, Spruce Grove, AB.
www.alliedartscouncil.com; alliedac@telus.net

 Vasa Gallery presents: Wine, Women, and Song – Woman Portraying Woman

June 4th, 2015 Gallery Location: 25 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert, AB. More on Vasa Gallery Here

Growing Up, Daphne Côté

Exhibition at Naess Gallery; January 5 – February 17 2015. Gallery location: 10032 – 81 Avenue, Edmonton. More on Naess/Paint Spot Here

SPARKS, New Paintings by Daphne Côté

Solo Exhibition at STEPPES Gallery, November 23, 2014 – January 17, 2015. Gallery location : (East Gallery) 1253 – 91 street, Edmonton. More on Steppes Here

 Portrait Society of Canada: Miracle of the Portrait People’s Choice

Two of my paintings were considered by the Portrait Society of Canada for their Miracle of the Portrait competition. My paintings Dear Jocelan, and a self portrait placed 9th and 10th over all – Results Here 1057 Steeles Ave West, P.O.Box 81665, Toronto, M2R 3X1, Ontario, Canada